Energy Star Rating Certificates
since 2006.

At House of Stars, we believe that living in natural comfort should be one of the most serious considerations when building, designing or buying an existing home.

House of Stars is at the forefront in the consultation, education, adoption and implementation of Energy Efficiency Regulations, including being at the centre of her stakeholder’s transition through the ever-changing Legislative requirements. She effectively procured her stakeholders through legislative requirements previously going from 3.5Star to 5 Star, then recently a further increase from 5 Star to 6 Star Energy Ratings on residential buildings. At House of Stars we are uniquely positioned to impart our understandings and strategies toward both maintaining affordable housing whilst delivering sustainable outcomes to her key industry Stake Holders, their clients and beyond.


Did You Know

Adding Ceiling Fans to Living areas and Bedrooms can increase the overall House Energy Rating by up to 2 Stars.

Upgrading Glazing from Clear Glass to Thermal Glazing can increase the Energy Rating up to 1 Star.

Ceiling Insulation for roof pitches greater than 15degrees can result in a Star Rating of up to 2.5 Stars higher than using under roof blanket and foil insulation alone.


QDC Credits and how they can help

For designs which fall below the 6 Star Energy Rating Requirement , Queensland Development Code Credits can be very helpful.

Be sure to consider to incorporate these simple strategies into your design. They are an incredibly cost effective solution to obtain up to a total of 1 1/2 Star Credits. Technically a dwelling’s design can achieve 4.5 Stars in the Computer Software Simulation Program in its own merits, then a maximum of 1 1/2 Star Credits can be added to meet the minimum 6 Star Energy Rating Requirement. http://www.hpw.qld.gov.au/SiteCollectionDocuments/QDCMP4.1SustainableBuildingsCurrent.pdf

Outdoor Living Area – 1/2 Star  (QDC Credit) An Outdoor Living Area, not less than 12m2 in area. A minimum of 2 open sides not less than 2.5m wide. The Roof/Ceiling of the Outdoor Living Area must be insulated to a total R Value of not less than an R Value Total of not less than R1.5. (Iron Roof with 55mm Blanket and Foil, or Tile Roof with R1.5 batts, or Insulated Sandwich Roof Panel as an example)

Outdoor Living Area with Ceiling Fan (900mm in diameter)  – 1 Star (QDC Credit) As above, just add a Ceiling Fan!

Photovoltaic System Installed (PV/Solar Power) (not less than 1 Kilowatt ) – 1 Star (QDC Credit)

Click here for an example of a rating scenario.