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Energy Star Rating Certificates
since 2006.

At House of Stars, we believe that living in natural comfort should be one of the most serious considerations when building, designing or buying an existing home.


We’ll help you Reach for the Stars!

Since mid 2006 Energy Efficiency Compliance Certificates have been required by Local Councils on proposed building design of Homes, Units, Renovations and Extensions which forms part of the Building Approval Process and Legislation.

As part of the Building Approval process Council currently requires all New Homes, Class 1 Units and Extensions to achieve a minimum of a 6.0 Star Energy Efficiency Equivalent Rating. Under the Queensland Development Code MP 4.1 Class 2 Units must achieve an Energy Rating of any one individual Unit of not less than 4 Stars with an overall average of all Units not achieving less than 5 Stars. Click to read more.

Effectively, an Energy Rating Assessment refers to the Buildings ability to influence, control and facilitate user control over the movement of heat energy within a building, between the building and its surroundings. The focus of the building first reflects the necessity of disseminating fundamentals, appropriately adopting and making the building as thermally efficient and as thermally comfortable with as little required fossil fuel energy inputs. Perusing economical and practical solutions that optimise the building for its overall thermal performance is pivotal.

Not only will a home which is more energy efficient be worth more, a higher rated tenanted property will return more to the investor.

We have spent over two decades in the field where possible solving issues with poorly designed or under insulated homes and giving recommendations to existing Home Owners/Tenants, Builders, Developers, Building Certifiers , Architects & Designers alike, recommending various products to assist in increasing ones natural comfort within existing & proposed homes.